2021 Long Island ABATE Officers and Board Members




2021 Long Island ABATE Officers and Board Members

President : Chris Beckhans chrisliabate@gmail.com

Vice President : Nick LaMorte zuma51@aol.com

Vice President ll : Mike Lauro mlauro@optonline.net

Treasurer : Bill Quinn nevalnut@aol.com

Membership Secretary : Nancy Greenseich nancyliabate@gmail.com

Recording Secretary : Roseann Barr liabate@aol.com

Sergeant at Arms : George DeMott gdemott@gmail.com

Ride Captain : Joe Pizzo joepizzo18@yahoo.com

Products : Kathy Pfeil frstbofeastwick@aol.com

Donations Coordinator : Bill Forrester bfallstar@gmail.com

Legislative Liaison : Debbie Stondell dmjcs@juno.com

Safety Officer : Mike Lauro mlauro@optonline.net

Chaplain : Gerry Waldron gerry.bfceli@gmail.com

Public Relations: Josephine Ladouceur Bandcampgirllia@gmail.com

Volunteer Coordinator: Gary Hart garyhart04cvo@gmail.com

Newsletter :  Open Position

Website : Nancy Greenseich nancyliabate@gmail.com

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  1. Can someone bring about 50 of the medical information cards. I want to make sure that each member gets one and keep in their vest. Thank You

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