Chris Beckhans

1st Vice President
Nick LaMorte

2nd Vice President
Josephine Leonardi

Bill Quinn

Membership Officer
Suzanne Loevner

Recording Officer
Margaret Nicosia

Sergeant At Arms
Joe Schmid

Safety Officer
Nick LaMorte

Legislative Liaison
Debbie Stondell

Ride Captain
Joe Pizzo

Kathy Pfeil

Gerry Waldron

Public Relations
Josephine Leonardi

Volunteer Coordinator
Gary Hart

Website/Newsletter Content Manager
Margaret Nicosia “Momma Duke’s”

Donations Coordinator
Position Open

2 thoughts on “2022 Long Island ABATE Officers and Board Members

  1. Nancy Gee 3 years ago

    Hi Lou, Yes I will get you plenty of them :)Nancy

  2. Lou Giordano 3 years ago

    Can someone bring about 50 of the medical information cards. I want to make sure that each member gets one and keep in their vest. Thank You

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