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Q: What does ABATE stand for?

A: Many different organizations throughout the country have different meanings for ABATE, while their ultimate goals are largely the same, to promote safety and lobby for biker’s rights.

At Long Island ABATE, we prefer the acronym, American Bikers for Awareness, Training and Education.

Q: What is the difference between NY ABATE and Long Island ABATE?

A: Long Island ABATE originally started as a chapter of NY ABATE.  In 2012, the members of ABATE voted to become independent of NY ABATE so they could focus on the projects and legislation that pertained specifically to Long Island motorcyclists.

Q: Do only Bikers belong to Long Island ABATE?

A: Absolutely not.  In fact, we have many members who do not ride bikes.  ABATE is an organization that promotes rights for bikers and drivers alike, while our core focus is on motorcyclist rights. Friends and family of our community are members as well.  We provide education and a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves.  We offer a social escape as well with our many bike runs, campouts and concerts.

Q: Is Long Island ABATE a Motorcycle Club?

A: No. Long Island ABATE is a 501(c)3 service organization here to protect ALL bikers from overreaching legislation and unaware drivers who try to harm us.