Call to Action – Autonomous Vehicles

News from the MRF: A call to action is being asked regarding Autonomous Vehicles. Please read and click on the link below to participate in the Call to Action.
This email was sent by Megan Ekstrom Vice-President, Government Affairs & Public Relations Motorcycle Riders Foundation
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From: Megan Ekstrom <>
Date: 10/30/17 2:10 PM (GMT-05:00)

Subject: Call to Action – Autonomous Vehicles

MRF Reps, Friends & Supporters:

Tomorrow, the email below will be distributed to our contact list. We ask that as members and supporters of the MRF, you not only participate in this Call to Action, but you also forward this email to your friends/family and affiliates as well as share it through our facebook page:

The U.S. Department of Transportation recently unveiled a document titled, “Vision for Safety 2.0” These guidelines update policies issued last fall concerning automated vehicles and discuss safety and performance rules for these types of vehicles, as well as the recommended role for state and federal policymakers. Once again, the 36 page document FAILS TO MENTION MOTORCYCLISTS! This is unacceptable.
Tell the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that biker lives matter….and are MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANIMALS! Last month, NHTSA released a document concerning safety policies for self-driving cars. Not only were motorcyclists not even mentioned in the 36-page document, there was a section that urged automakers to account for detection of pedestrians, bicyclists and animals! And yet, motorcyclists weren’t even mentioned.

Tell NHTSA what you think by filing comments with the agency on this critical issue. A pre-drafted letter awaits your signature:

​Let’s tell the head of NHTSA that these guidelines must be inclusive of all road users; especially motorcyclists!

You can take action by clicking here:

I’ve also attached a DRAFT set of comments that the MRF as an entity will be filing.

Thank you for your support,

-Megan Ekstrom
Vice-President, Government Affairs & Public Relations Motorcycle Riders Foundation