Long Island ABATE Membership meeting Minutes 2/14/2023

Meeting began at 7:34 pm with Joe S. (sergeant @ arms) Pledge of Allegiance and a Moment of Silence for those who are no longer with us.

Chris (President) Thanked members for attending and welcomed new members and guests. Then Motioned to accept the previous month’s minutes as written, 2nded all were in favor, motion granted.

Chris presented the Treasury report due to Bill Quinn’s (Treasurer) absence Account total 42k, of that 2320.00 was slated for the Veterans fund. Also acknowledged was Motorcycle Mike as the new third fund matching benefactor. Chris Motioned to accept the Treasures report, 2nded all were in favor, Motion Granted

Old Business– Chris spoke of appointed positions that still need filling, Recording Secretary, and Donations coordinator

Next he spoke about Newsletter articles wanted from the members and they were due by the 15th of the month and should be sent to Margret or him.

Past events were then brought up Josephine spoke about attending Suffolk County HOG’s membership meeting in which she and Chris attended. While there we informed their members of who Long Island ABATE is and what we do. We were received well and signed up 6 members while we were there. Debbie (legislative liaison) spoke about the Wreath retirement at Calverton National and Long Island National Cemeteries and how well it went. Many organizations were present and committed to the task.

Next up was the recap of attending Pennsylvania A.B.A.T.E.’S Legislative and Leadership Seminar. Deb, Chris, Josephine and Donna spoke about the event and their experiences. There we met with many Members from P.A. as well as N.J. and Maryland. Josephine spoke about the importance of networking with others and the seminars that were attended. While there Chris was interviewed by Members of the MRF and a short video was made. Chris spoke about the Phoenix Rising Award Fund raiser held in Glen Cove. The event was to raise funds for the Glen Cove VFW post that was damaged by a fire and to present many including Eva Casale. Awards for their efforts in helping Veterans and the Veteran community. Next topic was the Soloman case, where a 29 yr. old motorcyclist was killed by Soloman. The next court date is 3/20/2023 Marc Wolf and Jim Bar are following the case.

Chris then read off the list of 47 Veteran organizations that received fund from Long Island ABATE totaling 100k. Chris also announced we are still actively looking for office space to more efficiently serve the membership.

New Business– Chris spoke about LI ABATE’s annual event dates. 4/30 Motorcycle Awareness Run, 6/11 Veterans Appreciation Run, 8/26 Annual Campout, 11/5 St Mary’s Food and Toy Run and how Volunteers are needed for them. Next up was the upcoming events. 2/26 Train the Trainers event where Volunteers will be taught how to educate young drivers about motorcycle awareness in drivers education classes held in high schools. Chris and Josephine will be attending the Spyder Ryders membership meeting to further educate them about Long Island ABATE.

Don Gomo spoke about his upcoming safety presentation on 3/14 at our Membership Meeting.

3/22 is a free Narcan training class at the Elks lodge in Centereach, 3/26 is the Ronkonkoma St Patrick’s Day parade and we will be in it with the ABATE mobile, 4/23-4/29 Team Eva’s 7 Marathons in seven days, 4/29 Middle Country community fair. 5/15-5/16 Bikers in the Beltway 5/19 Heroes among us fund raiser and

Soles for Souls shoe drive currently underway.

Deb spoke about personal account and password information forms and the importance of putting all your information together and make it accessible in the event you are seriously hurt or die. Josephine added the importance to having our medical trifold filled out and in your wallet as well.

Nick spoke about him attending the Traffic Safety and Community Meeting. While there he brought up the wire Guardrail used on Ocean Parkway. Nick submitted his resume to the traffic safety board for a seat on the Board. Nick also thanked all law enforcement for helping us at our events.

Chris spoke of Nassau County’s Traffic Safety Meeting on 3/8 in which he will attend.

The Chairs of our upcoming events are: Josephine is handling the handbook. Josephine spoke about the hand books and the prices and deadline of 3/20.Gary is chairing the Awareness Run, Bill Quinn will be Chairing the Veterans Appreciation Run, Josephine will be chairing the Campout, Joe Pizzo will be chairing the St Mary’s Food and Toy Run.

Debbie spoke about current legislation and their positions including children under 12, Motorcycle Awareness signs on state roads and Anti Profiling. Deb also spoke about work zone and school bus cameras.

Donna gave a Membership report of 15 new 1yr, 4 new 5 yr, 29 1 year renewals and 2 5yr renewals

Chris reported that Margret (absent) is working on website and the newsletter as well as PayPal

Joe P (absent) .Gary spoke about help needed for events including the Awareness run at set up and the end site.

Products (Kathy) absent. A fill in order was placed for missing inventory including pull over hoodies as a test

Chaplin (Gerry) Absent

Open floor– Pastor Ski spoke about the Easter Sonrise Run as well as wanting to be kept in the loop in the event there is misfortune in the community and would like to help more. Josephine spoke about the 4k AD&D insurance policy and also added how we are here for the community as well

The topic of having a driver safety class came up and was well received, more info to follow. Duke (member) asked about eye protection legislation and possibly revisiting it where as if you have a windshield additional eye protection would not be needed.

The Helmet law came up as well.

The 50/50 was $60, $30 to the winner, which was donated to the Veterans Fund totaling $164.00

Motion to adjourn- 2nd, all in favor motion granted

Meeting ended 9:03 pm