Long Island ABATE 4-12-22 Membership Meeting, Port Jeff Elks, Centereach, NY 

7:38 Meeting began

Pledge of Allegiance, Moment of Silence

Welcome members and guests.

The minutes for our March 2022 membership meeting were posted on the LI ABATE website.

Motion 3-2022:  Motion to accept the March 2022 membership meeting minutes as posted on the LI ABATE website. (Seconded) All in favor.

Treasurer’s Report:  Detailed income and expenditures were reported

Motion 4-2022:  Motion to accept treasurer’s report. (Seconded) All in favor. 

Changes in LI ABATE Board:  Mike Lauro has stepped down from the position of 2nd Vice President.  Josephine has been appointed to this position.  The Oath of Office was taken.


LI ABATE Open Board Positions:  The positions of recording secretary and donations coordinator remain open.  If anyone is willing to volunteer for either position, please see Chris. 

Membership Dues has been increased to $25 per year, $100 fora 5 year membership.

Veterans Appreciation Fund:  The 2022 Veterans Appreciation Fund is established and is up to $2063.  This year we have two benefactors that will match every dollar we raise, so dollar amounts will be tripled.  Every cent of the money raised continues to be distributed to local veteran organizations!

LI ABATE Lottery:  LI ABATE is again holding a lottery fundraiser beginning January 1, 2022 through June 30, 2022.  Winning tickets will be based on the NYS daily number. As of March, $940 has been paid out.

LI ABATE Motorcyclist Handbook:  Advertising prices remain at $100 for a full page ad and $50 for a half page ad.  Josephine will send out outstanding invoices. The handbook will be available at the LI ABATE Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Run on May 1st.

LI ABATE Paint Night Fundraiser:  Debbie is coordinating another paint night at the Am Vets in Bohemia.  Cost will be $30 per person.  Final date will be announced.

Newsletter Articles:  Chris stressed that anyone can contribute to the newsletter, and encourages members to submit articles, etc. Please send all submissions to Chris.

Public Service Announcements:  Chris, Margaret and Ron are currently working on new motorcycle awareness PSA’s for the month of May which will be aired on various media.  Chris stated it will be a $3000 expense.  Previous LI ABATE PSA’s are circulating on Facebook.

Motion 5-2022:  Motion to authorize up to $3000 for PSA’s for the month of May. (Seconded) All in favor.

Court Date:  5/4, 9am at Nassau County 1st District Court.  LIABATE will be advocating for justice for a motorcyclist who was fatally injured while on his motorcycle.  For those who wish to show your support, please wear your LI ABATE shirts.

Rider Training Classes:  Big Apple Motorcycle School and ONTRA offer basic rider and advanced rider classes.  Donate $100 and receive an MSF class from Big Apple.  An advanced rider safety course from ONTRA is $100 per person and is limited to 12 people.  Steve, from On the Road Again Motorcycle School, has generously offered to donate all the proceeds back to LI ABATE.  Please take advantage of this value and opportunity to sharpen rider skills and be safer on the road.

ABATE of NY Freedom Rally:  5/18, ride to State Capitol in Albany to lobby legislators on issues concerning motorcyclists.

Bikers in the Beltway:  Motorcycle Riders Foundation lobby day 5/16 & 5/17.  Lobby legislators at the Capitol in Washington D.C. Issues of concern include motorcycle profiling, autonomous vehicles, E-15 fuel warnings.

Guest Speakers:  Suffolk County Police Department Highway Patrol / Motorcycle Unit

Officers spoke about the new exhaust law, which applies to all vehicles, not only motorcycles.  The onus is put on shops and installers and affects any exhaust system that is not factory installed.  Motorcycles cannot pass inspection if exhaust pipes are altered.  Officers spoke about motorcycle crash data for 2021. Suffolk County had the highest number of motorcycle fatalities in NYS.  Primary factors for all motorcycle accidents include:  unsafe speed of the motorcycle and left hand turns.  Other factors include rear end collisions, right angle turns and side swipes.  Officers are now looking at the behaviors of other drivers (ie: distracted driving, cell phone use, etc.) when investigating motorcycle crashes.  Officers are also educating pre-licensed drivers in driver’s education classes about motorcycle awareness.  Officers encourage all riders to get their Class M license.  They stress that riders make eye contact with drivers, then continue to watch the vehicle’s front tires.  If the wheels move, then assume the driver did not see you.


Officer Reports

Nick / 1st Vice President:  Nick attended the 6th Precinct Community Meeting.  He informs those who attend about LI ABATE.  Nick also attended the Suffolk County Traffic Safety Board where he again spoke about the potholes and guard rails on the Robert Moses Pkwy and how they pose a danger to motorcyclists.  He also spoke about autonomous vehicles, stressing whether they can recognize motorcycles around them.

Debbie / Legislative Liaison:  Debbie reports that a call to action was put out to encourage all motorcyclists, and others, to contact their congressional representative in Washington and ask that they sign on to the National Anti-Profiling Bill.  This call to action was sent via mail chimp and is also posted on the LI ABATE Facebook page. Please sign this call to action and it will be forwarded to your representative in Washington.


Follow us on Facebook to see where LI ABATE booths will be located.

4/13 – Motorcycle Mayhem Bike Night Tailgaters

4/21 – Café Gios, W. Babylon.  

4/24 – Millers Ale House, 88 Vets Hwy, Commack, Cars and Guitars 

Bike Night Thursdays 6pm at Red River

Volunteers to help with these booths are greatly appreciated!

LI ABATE Runs / Events

5/1 – LI ABATE Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Run:  9:30 registration at H. Lee Dennison Bldg. Hauppauge. Escorted ride to Red River, Yaphank. KSU 12:15.  All proceeds will go to the 2022 LIABATE motorcycle safety and awareness fund.

6/12 – LI ABATE Veterans Appreciation Run

8/27 – LI ABATE Campout

11/6 – St. Mary’s Fundraiser and Food Drive

Upcoming Events

4/17 – 14th Annual Rushing Wind Biker Church Easter Sonrise Run. KSU 5:20am Rushing Wind Biker Church, 10 Peachtree Court, Holbrook.

4/22 – Sons of Italia MC barbeque.  28 Rainor Ave., Ronkonkoma 7pm.  All invited.

4/30 – Community Fair and Music Festival 11am – 6pm, Centereach Multi Purpose Field, 41 Horseblock Rd.

5/7 – Motorcycle Swap Meet. Buy, sell and trade.  9am – 4pm, American Legion Post 1146, 826 Hubal St., Bohemia.

5/15 – Bike Blessing, North Sea Fireman’s Memorial Athletic Field, 118 Noyac Rd. North Sea. Proceeds to benefit Volunteer Firefighters Burn Center Fund.

5/17 – American Air Power Museum, Farmingdale honoring 30 Vietnam Veterans

5/21 – Vietnam Veterans honored at Stony Brook Veterans Home

5/28 – Night at the Races, Port Jeff Elks, Centereach

5/29 – Ride for Freedom, taking place at all Rolling Thunder Chapters


Social Brain:  Organization created for brain injury survivors. They are collecting helmets for motorcycles, bicycles, etc.

Motion 6-2022:  Motion for LI ABATE to purchase 5 helmets, or the cash value thereof.  (Seconded) All in favor.   


50 / 50 – $120 to the winner.

Veterans Appreciation funds collected tonight totaled $237.

Motion 7-2022:  Motion to adjourn.  (Seconded) All in favor.   

Meeting adjourned 9:11.