Long Island ABATE membership meeting, March 8th, 2022 Elks Lodge, Centereach, NY.

7:30 meeting began.
Pledge of Allegiance. Moment of silence. Welcome Members, new members and guests.
Swearing in of 2 new Board members for 2022 by Debbie
Motion to accept. Seconded. All in favor

Nick running meeting in Chris’ absence

Debbie brought up lottery tickets. The amount that was taken in so far. Announced more winners. We are still in a positive Cash flow and the tickets are still available to the end of February for purchasing. The drawing ends June 30th. See board members to purchase tickets before the end of the month. Last year we had an almost even profit margin. Updated on paint night. Waiting on a venue location confirmation, once that is set, she will announce date, also brought up a possible chartered fishing trip for Long Island ABATE members, which would be a non-fundraising event. Also updated on Bills to follow regarding the MRF, Motorcycles on the Beltway event was also discussed.

Treasury report by Bill Quinn Detailed income and expenditures were reported. Motion to accept Treasurer’s report. Second, all in favor.

Michael Levine gave a presentation on Motorcycle Insurance Policies.  30 minutes

Nick to members; announced the final practice locations. Again it is for licensed motorcycle riders. They will most likely be at Heckscher Park Field 7. Still setting it up with the state parks for use and also looking into SUNY Farmingdale College parking lot. He will inspect and update. Filing application for the campout. He attended the New York State DOT meetings on zoom representing Long Island ABATE. He brought attention to the autonomous vehicles not being able to see motorcycle riders. He also brought up newer vehicles with the built in sensors and cameras and questioned- Why do they not see a motorcycle?

Gary updated on the safety ride.  More information to announce at a later date.

Handbooks, donations, positions still available for board members, and fundraising ideas were recommended to suggest by members.

50/50 Jug for veterans was won by Motorcycle Mike, who donated all back to the veterans fund.

Kathy with New Products coming soon

Motion on March 8th, 2022 to adjourn, seconded, all in favor.
Meeting adjourned around 8:52