Long Island ABATE 7-12-22 Membership Meeting, Port Jeff Elks, Centereach, NY 

7:30pm Meeting began

Pledge of Allegiance, Moment of Silence

Welcome members and guests.

The minutes for our May 2022 membership meeting were posted on the LI ABATE website.

Motion 2-2022:  Motion to accept the May 2022 membership meeting minutes as posted on as there was no meeting in June (Seconded) All in favor.

Treasurer’s Report:  Detailed income and expenditures were reported

Motion 3-2022:  Motion to accept treasurer’s report. (Seconded) All in favor. 

7:35 INTRODUCED GUEST SPEAKERS – Steve & Steve – Owners of America First Warehouse in Ronkonkoma – Visit the website  theAmericafirstwarehouse.com for more information.

7:45 – Joe Bart – Spoke about the 10th USA Patriots Amputee Softball Game scheduled for the weekend of July 23 & July 24thDetails available https://usapatriotsathletics.org/events/ or Follow on Facebook @ USAPatriotsAthletics

7:55 – Pete spoke about the escort on 7/23 – wants all who are participating in the escort to be at the Radisson Hotel in Hauppauge by 9:00 am – The opening escort and ceremony for the USA Patriots Amputee Softball game is always great. **ABATE members are invited to join the Motorcycle escort as well as The Patriot Guard Riders & Rolling Thunder – Please meet at the Radisson Hotel on Motor PKWY in Hauppauge at 9:00am.

8:00 OLD Business

LI ABATE Open Board Positions:  The position of donations coordinator remains open.  Membership help is also being requested – we have someone in mind, waiting to confirm. Also Recording Secretary (although filled by Margaret for now) is still open.

RE-CAP ON PAST EVENTS – (Bill Q., Chris B., Debbie S., Suzanne L)

NCOM – 6-16-22- National Coalition of Motorcyclists – Mitch Proner sponsored ABATE board members to attend these classes and workshops – Flag Day Dinner on 6/14/2022- Mike Osip raised a lot of money and donations went direct to our Veterans Fund – Veterans Appreciation Run:  Our veterans run -although low in attendance due to the weather- still raised a lot of funds, and special thanks to Mitch Proner and Southampton Elks Lodge as they contributed donations that were matched, and the veterans fund is in good shape. ABATE of NY Freedom Rally:  5/18, ride to State Capitol in Albany to lobby legislators on issues concerning motorcyclists. Bikers in the Beltway:  Motorcycle Riders Foundation lobby day 5/16 & 5/17.  Lobbied legislators at the Capitol in Washington D.C. Issues of concern include motorcycle profiling, autonomous vehicles, E-15 fuel warnings. Was even able to speak with Lee Zeldin on the side – and he has our attention. Flag Placement Monday May 30th @Calverton and pick up the following week –We had a great turnout of support for both days and wanted to thank everyone that assisted in this very special day.

Newsletter Articles:  Chris stressed that anyone can contribute to the newsletter, and encourages members to submit articles, etc. Please send all submissions to Chris or Margaret before the 15th of every month.

Rider Training Classes:  An advanced rider safety course from ONTRA is $100 per person and is limited to 12 people as of today we have 9 Spots Open. On the Road Again Motorcycle School, has generously offered to donate all the proceeds back to LI ABATE.  Please take advantage of this opportunity to sharpen rider skills and be safer on the road. DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED-

Officer Reports

Chris – President – Reminded everyone to take a photo of your lawn signs and post on FB – Need new businesses to feature in our monthly Digital Newsletter.  Thanked HOG members who assisted at our events – LIE From Medford West Bound is now scrapped and milled – Road Construction is in full Swing ALL summer so be careful. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS AT CAMPOUT AND ALL OUR EVENTS – Please let us know if you can help and contact Gary or myself if you can assist.

8:22 – Chris reminds everyone about the scraping of the L.I.E Medford to exit 64 (westbound) be careful out there.

8:25 pm Nick / 1st Vice President/Safety:  Reminds everyone again about his volunteering and helping at all our events when he can. We still need help from others. Still attends the community events  Coffee with the Suffolk County PD, reminded everyone again about the NIXLE app and how if you put in your zip code you will get info texted or emailed to you about safety in your community. https://www.nixle.com/  Thanked the Suffolk County Traffic Safety Board for providing us with signs for free from Rachel.  Reminded you to also keep license and registration in an ID holder in your jacket or in a windshield pouch – NEVER keep identification in your saddle bag – for reasons that should be obvious – just once YOU open your saddle bag – anyone can view it and then search – Still hoping to become a member of the SC Safety committee.

8:30 – Chris mentioned Bruce Laport about getting into the schools to teach awareness – waiting for more information on the certification course dates and information.

8:33: Josephine/2nd Vice President: New members signed up – Events are in full swing – attended July 10th Louis Bonacasa Event for Lily’s Toy House, Bike nights at Red River, Bike Night coming up on Thursday July 21st at TGIF Fridays – Hosted by LEMC’s – Introduced Ed – who does custom leather – contact her for his information. Mentioned the children’s books and how the parents at our community events appreciated them a lot.

Mike raises hand asks “Why are there no signs on the roads being paved warning motorcycles”

8:38 – Debbie – Legislative – Talked about the children’s books also being replicated in a school in Indiana.  Lottery checks are all sent out and the General Fund received a total of $4650. Sending updated lists for Margaret to all active bills to be posted onto our website.

8:40Motion 4 – Allow Dee Bonacasa to present donation to Veterans’ fund at our next meeting – (seconded) All in favor. Bill continues about Dee and the Bonacasa family and how they have been supportive to ABATE.

8:45 Debbie continues – Motorcycle only parking submitted to Kennedy and Picarello and now will be added to parking at every county facility – Also discussed a different way for lottery “200” Club – and no one could agree or disagree with it. Reminds everyone to join MRF – see her to sign up.

8:50 – Suzanne/Membership:  Needs assistance with the Paypal – asked members when renewing to email her directly at joinliabate@gmail.com with their mailing address until the PayPal is fixed.

DUKE – asked about LIFETIME MEMBER PATCH – Suzanne said she had 1 to give him –

Debbie reminds everyone that if you are in an accident and need assistance to call ANY ABATE member and we will assist, or find someone who can help you with your Bike – DO NOT delay in getting medical help after an accident “because you don’t want to leave your bike at the scene” – we will help you.

Products: We are good on products.  New signs, stickers coming Soon

LI ABATE Runs / Events

8/27 – LI ABATE Campout

11/6 – St. Mary’s Fundraiser and Food Drive

Blood drive at Pt. Jeff Elks date to be Finalized

8:53 – Floor Opens

Chris welcomes Pastor Ski back, and Ski reminds everyone of the Downed Biker Fund if you were in an accident and need some financial assistance – the fund is there for you.

Pete from a local shop reported that as long as your MC has baffles you will not fail NYS Inspection.

Mike brings up NYC tickets Decibles over 90 – sound monitors near Lincoln Tunnel – Suffolk County Red Light tickets – Pay them or go to court – for the vehicle owner.

Debbie reminds everyone to CHALLENGE any School Bus tickets.

****SOLOMON CASE UPDATED AFTER GENERAL MEETING >>>> ABATE is showing support for the family – Next Court date is October 17, 2022 – Outcome / Release Status: Adjourned / Bond $300,000 Cash $75,000 (Not Posted) — Information updated

Veterans Fund Jug – $472 – collected

9:00 – 50 / 50 – $90 to the winner

9:05 pm Motion 5-2022:  Motion to adjourn.  (Seconded) All in favor.